How-To: Custom Trans CleanUp (Affinity Photo)


Custom Trans CleanUp is my attempt at creating a live editable version of the static macros of the same name. The process starts by clicking the PT 1 macro, letting it run and then using the provided threshold layers, sliding handle, to adjust the amount of clean up you’d like to apply.

This is created with some layer magic which forces me to choose a background color of black. So the preview you’ll see while adjust the threshold slider handle is a black background. but rest assured that this will not appear in the final result.

Once you’ve found the level of threshold/clean up you need for your artwork; all that is needed to finalize the macro set is to click the “PT 2” version of the two part set and you’re done.

Step 1: CUSTOM Trans CleanUp PT 1

Located in the Library studio, click the macro named “CUSTOM Trans CleanUp PT 1” to start the two part process.

Step 2: Double Click Threshold Layer Icon

Next, in the resulting layers, find the Adjustment layer named “ADJUST REMOVAL” (see below) and double click to open a new Threshold settings window.

Step 3: Adjust Threshold Settings

Use the sliding handle in the new pop-up threshold settings window (see below), to adjust the amount of “removal” or “clean up” that you’d like for your image. This will be done with the image set to a black background but keep in mind, this will not be applied to the final result.

Final Step: CUSTOM Trans CleanUp PT 2

Once you’ve adjust the slider to your preferred settings, all that’s left to do is click the final macro in the two part process labeled “CUSTOM Trans CleanUp PT 2”.

Final Thoughts

The process isn’t perfect but it’s the closest I’ve been able to devise to allow for a live, editable process you can use to clean up your images. There are other ways to do similar in the kit and my hope is Affinity will add more new features in updates that will allow me to do this same thing, in once action with any chosen background.

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