Best Practices – Rasterization Kit (Photoshop)

Checklist for Getting Started:

Use this list and try to commit the suggestions to memory, they’re the initial required settings for the Rasterization actions, to have them perform properly.

Document Settings (Working with a file)

  • Make sure your documents resolution is 300 DPI (unless your using the “Rasterize – Custom” actions)

The reason is not only a file/output quality one, it is also what all of the Rasterize actions that involve numbered LPIs (ie: Rasterize – ROUND 85 LPI (22.5°) are based off of. If you’re document isn’t set at 300 DPI before or at the time of using a numbered Rasterization action, the results will not work out. (This will not be the case when planning to use the “Rasterization – CUSTOM” actions, as those are used for custom DPI file situations).

  • Your document color is set to RGB

The actions will not run properly in any document color mode other that RGB. It should also be noted, you should generally create files in RGB color mode because it’s allows for a wider gamut of color usage, better effects when using filters and masking. You should allow your RIP software to handle the CMYK conversion or after processing your RGB file using the kit, convert to CMYK and adjust the colors as the final step.

Software Preferences ( Should only have to do once)

  • Go to Edit > Preferences > General and locate the section labeled “Image Interpolation” and set this to “Nearest Neighbor (preserve hard edges)”.

The reasoning behind changing this setting is; without the change, you’ll have your exported images overridden with “Anti-Aliasing” turned on when using the “Quick PNG Export” option in the Export settings. This method is important because of not only it’s convenience but it’s lack in file size limitation the likes of which you’d find using the “Export As…” option.

Fundamentals ( Where most people go wrong, initially)

  • Using the proper order.

You need to be aware that certain actions require a certain order or procedure to ensure successful results. This rule is mainly for the actions in the Rasterize folder of actions. The actions in this group labeled similar to: “Rasterize – ROUND 85 LPI (22.5°)” ..are the actions that need to have semi-transparent pixels to work properly. This usually means that you’ll have to perform a “Knockout” before proceeding with the Rasterize actions.