Actions stop for every step (Photoshop)

If you have an issue while trying to run the actions in the kit, that each action stops with a dialog box with two options, “Continue” or “Stop” you might have clicked and “Toggled on dialog” in the actions panel for the actions. (This isn’t always the case)

This happens on occasion when first installing the Rasterization kit into Photoshop. The Action panel allows users to click the topmost toggle dialog icon, which will “turn on” the dialog feature, for running actions step by step. However, this topmost clickable icon will then turn the feature on for the entire list of actions you have installed.

This toggle can also be turned on individually, to make a single action run step by step. Keep in mind that this feature is turned on for a few of the actions in the kit and the list of those are below.

  • Trans CleapUp (Editable)
  • Rasterization – CUSTOM
  • Rasterization – CUSTOM UNIFORM