Affinity for DTF & White Toner Printers

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Affinity for DTF & White Toner Printers course will provide completely new or professional level users of Affinity Photo the insider expertise of using Affinity Photo to effectively, to maximize your print results making your customers excited about your work! Setting up your artwork for printing can be a tricky task, especially with limited knowledge of the tools available to you. This course will having you moving with the utmost confidence in Affinity Photo and being able to solve any problem that comes your way.

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Here we go over the entire course and what you can look forward to walking away with after taking the journey through this course.
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In this section, we cover the essentials. We dive into the core ideas that become the base or foundation we build everything else on top of. So don't build your new house of understanding on quicksand, let's make it concrete.

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